Finding degenerate polygons by area

Degenerate polygons are usually zero-area polygons.

Here’s a script that uses the ICE attribute PolygonArea to find polygons with area less than a specified epsilon:

si = Application
epsilon = 0.00001

# Get PolygonArea DataArray (which is a tuple)
attr = si.Selection(0).ActivePrimitive.GetICEAttributeFromName( "PolygonArea" )
areaData = attr.DataArray

# Find the indices of the bad polys
bad = [ x for x,y in enumerate( areaData ) if y < epsilon]

# Select the degenerates with a string like 'cube.poly[112,114,155]'
si.SelectGeometryComponents( 'cube.poly[%s]' % ','.join(str(i) for i in bad) )

### OR ###

# Get the actual Polygon objects
polys = si.Selection(0).ActivePrimitive.Geometry.Polygons
bad = []
for i in range( len(areaData) ):
	if areaData[i] < epsilon:
		bad.append( polys(i) )

si.SelectObj( polys )

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