Wednesday Word Cloud: Advanced Support

Word cloud for the Customer Guide to Autodesk Advanced Support.


On this subject, now that the AREA forums have been updated, I suspect Maya/3dsMax/Softimage customers are one step closer to forum support. From the Advanced Customer Guide:

Proactively Escalate Forum Posts to Autodesk
Autodesk Advanced Support provides you with all the benefits of Basic Support, including expedited community forum support: if the community does not respond to your posts within 24 hours, they are automatically escalated to Autodesk.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Word Cloud: Advanced Support

  1. The second part of your post somewhat confuses me: as a stated intention, the part saying “if the community does not respond to your posts within 24 hours (…)” is quite admirable, in real-life situations there are, however, often good reasons why a community doesn’t respond. And I wouldn’t want support to get clogged up over questions “the” community finds to silly to adequately answer, for instance…

    • That’s true. I imagine in practice Autodesk Support focuses on questions about technical problems, not out-of-scope questions. I don’t know the exact protocol; certainly general how-to questions or vague non-specific questions will have a lower priority when escalated.

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