Friday Flashback #172

From a picture dated 12 May 2004, a variety of memorabilia, including:

  • SGI Iris Indigo, octane, and Indy
  • MegaFonts, 1001 Professional Fonts for SOFIMAGE|3D
  • SOFTIMAGE|3D 4.0 Fundamentals book
  • SOFTIMAGE|3D, SOFTIMAGE Creative Environment, and “Softimage for the Creative Mind” CDs
  • SOFTIMAGE|3D documentation set

Pictures 425

5 thoughts on “Friday Flashback #172

  1. Is that an O2 in “king of the hill” position? When I worked for SI, I had a PortaBrace style case for my Indigo. The first time I had to haul that thing over my shoulder for two NYC blocks I just about broke myself.

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