Friday Flashback #256

Softimage 3D 3.8 Extreme boxed set – eBay
by SiliconClassics

Complete boxed set of Softimage|3D 3.8 SP2 Extreme – includes installation discs for IRIX and Windows, manuals, pamphlets, and a working license file.

Soft|3D runs great on vintage SGI hardware because it is highly streamlined and memory-efficient. Even an Indy will run it perfectly. Requires IRIX 6.2. You can check my photo gallery for a screenshot and a description of the software.

This is the ultimate classic 3D animation package – along with PowerAnimator and Renderman, it was part of the trifecta of high-end 3D apps used by the major visual effects studios. The huge box looks awesome on a shelf, and the software is a joy to use.



Friday Flashback #239

Vintage Softimage software CDs and docs, and vintage SGI boxes:
Pictures 425

A bunch of old-time stuff, including:

  • Silicon Graphics O2, Octane, Indy, and IRIS Indigo boxes
  • SOFTIMAGE|3D, Toonz, SOFTIMAGE|Creative Environment CDs
  • SOFTIMAGE|3D Documentation box set
  • SOFTIMAGE|3D 4.0 Fundamentals manual
  • MegaFonts for SOFTIMAGE|3D

Friday Flashback #172

From a picture dated 12 May 2004, a variety of memorabilia, including:

  • SGI Iris Indigo, octane, and Indy
  • MegaFonts, 1001 Professional Fonts for SOFIMAGE|3D
  • SOFTIMAGE|3D 4.0 Fundamentals book
  • SOFTIMAGE|3D, SOFTIMAGE Creative Environment, and “Softimage for the Creative Mind” CDs
  • SOFTIMAGE|3D documentation set

Pictures 425