Friday Flashback #444

nla3 animation, audio, actions

– credit: Atelier ID

Mix, blend, layer and edit any animatable input and combine dynamic simulation and animation in the same rig using the world’s leading non-linear animation system.

Lip-sync easily and accurately using real-time playback for audio with precise trimming and variable speed controls.

The industry’s leading character animation system provides new advanced biped, quadruped, and hybrid rig systems and a Character SDK for customizing character creation, animation, and editing.

Work with simpler rigs that are more flexible and easier to animate, offset pviots without moving object centers, set rotation orders, and store neutral pose offsets in any object’s transform using the new animation layering.

Friday Flashback #441

Not all robots are created equal

James Mann of Glassworks has created a truly sensual masterpiece in Bjork’s “All is Full of Love” video. With the help of Softimage 3D, has produced a statement of quality, creativity and emotion. Just imagine the possibilities with Sumatra [codename] – Animation redefined

hat tip: @cerosfx

Friday Flashback #439

Blue Sky Studios: Joe’s Apartment, 1997

Scene Description of Funky Towel:
In the movie “Joe’s Apartment”, Joe’s only friends are the talking roaches that infest his lower east side apartment. In this scene, they prepare for Joe’s first date by throwing a party of their own in his funky bathroom, paying homage to every movie musical style in the book.

Technical Notes:
Blue Sky Studios created 13 minutes of character animation for over 200 shots in the feature film JOES’ APARTMENT.

  • The roaches were modeled on CGI workstations using a combination of Softimage, CGI Studio™ (Blue Skys’ proprietary software) and 2D paint systems for creating texture maps.
  • The characters were animated using Softimage on SGI workstations . Flocking animation was created by customizing Wavefronts’ Dynamation Software.
  • The rendering was computed using Blue Sky Studios’ proprietary renderer on an eight processor SGI Challenge L and several dozen desk side SGI Workstations. Compositing was completed using proprietary software in conjunction with Discreet Logics’ Flint running on an Indigo 2.

The production lasted over 13 months and employed up to 20 people at any given time.