Friday Flashback #410

Superior engineering. Visionary architecture. Never before has a software solution been so open and so flexible.
SOFTIMAGE|XSI version 4.0 is completely customizable, offering unmatched access to the core of the software
and giving unparalleled control over a dramatically accelerated creative process.


customization – speed – options – thought – imagination – integration
SOFTIMAGE|XSI version 4.0 launch 04.19.2004

Friday Flashback #406

2005 Softimage Press Visuals – me Company
Image courtesy of me company. All rights reserved.

Although the majority of Me Company’s output is in two dimensions, the production process involves three, “XSI is our illustration tool of choice,” says Paul. “It’s the way we express our ideas.” The results, which Paul calls ‘hi-res stills’, capture the world of possibilities Paul and his creative allies envision in response to a particular brief. What makes this work is a faith in the value of the creative process itself: “We follow a line that interests us and try hard to push things forward.”