Autodesk Softimage Promotion


From the FAQ, here are some details:

From February 1, 2009 through January 15, 2010, Softimge XSI customers will have the option to migrate their existing products to the then current Autodesk Softimage products at 50% off SRP when purchased with Autodesk Subscription.

All migration purchases will be fulfilled with Autodesk network products. If standalone licenses are desired, a request to downgrade to standalone licenses should be noted on the order.

WARNING – Unknown flag (ignored) : -processing

When you use the -processing flag, you can ignore the “Unknown flag” warning. As long as you see “License information: using [Processing]”, you know that xsibatch is using one of the unlimited processing licenses.

C:\Softimage\Softimage_2010_x64\Application\bin>xsibatch -processing-script hello.js
 Autodesk Softimage
License information: using [Processing]
        COMMAND: -processing -script hello.js
WARNING - Unknown flag (ignored) : -processing
# INFO : Hello World

Upgrade promos for 2010

Owners of 7.01 and earlier can now upgrade to 2010. The upgrade promo is already available in the Americas, and should be available soon in other locations (each geographic territory has its own sales channels and schedules).

Announcements of promos like this go out through the sales channel, so you won’t necessarily see any announcement on Contact your local reseller for details.

Creating tabs in the Material Manager

The new AddUserTab command allows you to create new custom favorites tabs in the Material Manager. To use AddUserTab, you pass in a material and a comma-separated list of tab names.

var oActiveScene = Application.ActiveProject.ActiveScene;
var oMatLib = oActiveScene.ActiveMaterialLibrary;
var oMat = oMatLib.CreateMaterial( "Phong", "MyPhong" );

AddUserTab( oMat, "My Faves" );

registeronce wants a server ID

When you go to registeronce to get your 2010 network license, you need to supply a server ID.

A server ID is the MAC address (also known as the Ethernet address or Physical address). You can find the server ID in LMTOOLS. Look on the System Settings tab, at the Ethernet address box. Sometimes you may see more than one Ethernet address (eg “0000DEADBEEF 00DE00AD00EF”). In that case, use the ipconfig /all command to check which one to use (just make sure you use that address of a physical network adapter).

Use the MAC address of a physical adapter, not a virtual adapter.

Softimage 2010 and Autodesk.lic

2010 does not use Autodesk.lic. Instead, setenv.bat sets ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE to point directly to the license server (for example, ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE=@myserver;).

But, if you already have 7.5 set up, Softimage 2010 will end up using the 7.5 Autodesk.lic file. That is because of the ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE registery entry: it still points to the 7.5 Autodesk.lic.

License troubleshooting

Here are two videos that go over the fundamentals of license troubleshooting. Whenever I WebEx to a customer’s computer, I go through the steps shown in these vidoes. In almost all cases, this is enough for me to resolve the problems.

Troubleshooting 101: The License Server

Troubleshooting 101: Softimage cannot find the license server:
Note – this second video was done for 7.5. For 2010, ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE should point to your license server, not to Autodesk.lic.