Softimage 2010 licenses and previous versions

A network license for Softimage 2010 will allow you to run either 2010 or 7.5. To run 7.01 or 6.5, you still need to get an SPM license.

Here’s the license definition for a Softimage Advanced interactive license (the interactive license is the license that allows you to run an “interactive” session of XSI.exe). A Softimage Advanced license file will also contain similar PACKAGE and INCREMENT blocks for each of the 5 Batch licenses.

PACKAGE 78900SFTIMA_F adskflex 1.000 COMPONENTS="84100SFTIMA_2010_0F \
SIGN="12B2 E17F D7D2 604D AF1E 76A4 688B 89CB 6DBD 5597 16B6 \
4116 E855 ABB0 D2F9 01AE EDB9 7B92 9BF8 D829 EF4D E6B7 0EBD \
F95A 7752 0C2F 95DB F9D9 0B9A 27CE" SIGN2="1276 FD9E A12B 86D7 \
B9E5 F193 9CB0 8528 21A6 101C 949F 4CAD 4666 0D72 6D9D 022F \
5EC7 5534 4E20 A90F B6CB D5D4 F4BF 5067 1E6A DCE5 77A2 5EF0 \
8F36 D066"
INCREMENT 78900SFTIMA_F adskflex 1.000 12-aug-2010 5 \
SN=123-12345678 SIGN="0D0A 0F72 76F6 9F14 54C3 AC05 86A4 5F12 \
F113 C64D 37B1 F513 A7EE 024E A81A 0C44 8B01 7A7C 08BB C3EE \
143A E9F6 BAD0 A736 B6AB 2A9F B258 3AFF 8C46 3758" SIGN2="1373 \
0191 3AE8 2D3C 68F4 DE7B 1536 7A16 D3EB 1AE1 8B4D 1F4B 2F6A \
7AA6 7017 0112 E9B6 67D7 3841 C05A 236B AA1F AE77 DA89 AD3D \
C208 9603 826B 7E0E 50D8"

Notice the highlighted components. Those are the actual licenses:

  • 84100SFTIMA_2010_0F is the Softimage 2010 license for XSI.exe
  • 78800SFTIMA_7_5F is the Softimage 7.5 license for XSI.exe

Searching the XSI Mailing List Archive on Google groups

A month or so ago the Google groups search really went downhill. All of a sudden my search results starting coming back empty or near empty. And I’m not the only one to notice.

For example, searching the XSI Mailing List Archive for dual monitor finds 2 results, and I know there are others.

Searching Google Groups for dual monitor xsi_list gives better results.

Unlimited xsibatch processing

As of Softimage 7.5, you get unlimited batch processing. Before, you got 8 Processing tokens with Advanced and 4 with Essentials.

Batch processing is where you run “xsibatch -processing -script”. Batch processing can includes things like exporting .mi2 files, exporting rib files, baking, committing, asset management, custom render management/submission, dynamics, … anything in a complex pipeline that requires automation and remote processing, but not rendering. (Ref:

Subscribe to the Softimage KB

Here’s the RSS feed for the Softimage Knowledge Base on

You can subscribe to the KBs for other products like Maya, Mudbox, and MotionBuilder. Go here to get the RSS feeds for those and other products.

I subscribe to the RSS feed for AutoCAD, because they always have the latest info on licensing.

Getting Softimage 2010

For the 2010 release, you will get a 2010 serial number.

When Softimage 2010 is released, the download version will probably be available a couple of days before the physical shipments go out. So customers on Subscription can go to the Subscription Center to download 2010 and get their 2010 serial numbers.

When the physical shipments go out, you’ll get an e-mail notification that includes your 2010 serial number. The 2010 box will also include your serial number.

Getting your serial numbers from the Subscription Center

If you are on Subscription, you’ll be able to get your 2010 serial numbers from the Subscription Center.

  1. Log in to the Subscription Center.
  2. Click Contract Administration.
    Subscription Center main page

    Subscription Center main page

  3. On the Contract Administration page, click Coverage Report.
    Coverate Report

    Coverage Report

  4. On the Suscription Coverage Report page, click a Contract #.
    Subscription coverage report

    Subscription coverage report

  5. Under the Products section of the Subscription Coverage Report, you’ll find your serial numbers.
    Serial numbers for a selected contract

    Serial numbers for a selected contract

Turning on mental ray diagnostics from the command line

In Softimage, you can enable the diagnostics in the Render Manager, by going to the Diagnostics tab and selecting the Information and Progress check boxes. If you’re working on the command-line with xsibatch, you may not want to start up Softimage just to select those check boxes. So, here’s how to do from the command line: just add -script and -verbose “on” to the xsibatch command line.

xsibatch -render "\\server\project\Scenes\Example.scn" -frames 1 -script verbosity.js -verbose "on"

where verbosity.js is a script that looks like this:

// Information and Progress
Dictionary.GetObject("Passes.mentalray").Parameters("VerbosityLevel").Value = 60;

If you set the VerbosityLevel to 252, you will get the Basic and Detailed Debug log messages too.

Toxik 2009 standalone licenses on 64-bit Windows

Now that I’m part of Autodesk, all kinds of calls come through to my phone. For example, the other day I took a Toxik 2009 support call. The customer couldn’t get his license to work and I was the sixth person he had spoken to, so I helped him out.

The problem was that he was installing Toxik 2009 on 64-bit Windows:

  • Toxik 2009 standalone licensing does not work on 64-bit Windows. You need to contact your reseller or ABC and get a network license.
  • The LMTOOLS that ships with Toxik does not work on 64-bit Windows. Download the latest version of AdlM and use it instead.