Friday Flashback #187

The old Reitman building eventually became the Softimage headquarters.

The oldest part of the building dates back to 1921 and housed different clothing manufacturers, until 1951 when it became the Reitman’s headquarters and distribution center for hats, gloves, and lingerie. Softimage moved into the building in the mid 90s.

Here’s a few pictures of the Softimage building and its signage (sent to me by Sven C, thanks!).




Friday Flashback #186

The Softimage User’s Site circa 1998
Maintained by Benjamin Grosser and hosted by the Beckman Institute Visualization Facility.

The Softimage User’s Site (, garnering thousands of hits from around the world daily, provides a tremendous amount of information on Softimage.

The Learning Resources section provides links to online tutorials, books and sample databases. The KnowledgeBase Index is a quick-link to all of Microsoft’s Softimage KB entries. Of most importance is the Softimage Mailing-List Archive, a web-browsable and searchable archive of all nine of the Softimage Mailing-List’s, dating back to 1994. The Softimage Mailing-List’s are the primary source of troubleshooting and technique information on Softimage, with an average of 40-50 messages per day on the 3D list.