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Softimage Creatives London user group

Gear Eyelids

More Making Of from RodeoFX
ICE used for the MGM ground crowds, the falling money (and some of the bills being sucked into the vents) and the fancy motiongraphic’y “projection” animated cubey stuff on the walls of the building shot.

Space Invaders

Icy Conditions

Strands through surfaces
by caledonian_tartan

Friday Flashback #139

Softimage back then
In fiscal years 1998, 1997 and 1996, one customer, two customers and one customer, respectively, accounted for 27%, 36% and 23% of total revenues. [source]


In fiscal years 1998, 1997 and 1996, one customer, two customers and one customer, respectively, accounted for 27%, 36% and 23% of total revenues.

Softimage markets its products worldwide. Revenues are grouped into three main geographic segments: North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America, and Europe. Financial data by geographic area for the fiscal years 1998, 1997 and 1996 is as follows (in thousands):

                                      1998      1997       1996
                                      -----     ------     ------
Net revenue:
   North America                     $9,754     $10,288    $8,471
   Asia Pacific and Latin America    17,931      18,111    11,280
   Europe                             9,175       9,356    10,218
                                     -------    -------    ------
      Total net revenues            $36,860     $37,755   $29,969
                                     =======    =======    ======

Operating income (loss):
   North America                   $(12,144)   $(20,334) $(30,962)
   Asia Pacific and Latin America       122         119       173
   Europe                               248         257       333
                                    -------     -------    ------
      Total operating loss         $(11,774)   $(19,958) $(30,456)
                                    =======     =======    ======
Identifiable assets:
   North America                   $ 19,724    $ 22,433  $ 23,241
   Asia Pacific and Latin America        53          75        62
   Europe                               910       3,075     5,868
                                    -------     -------    ------
      Total identifiable assets    $ 20,687    $ 25,583  $ 29,171
                                    =======     =======    ======

Autodesk today
Thirty percent of company revenues come from 1% of customers. [source]

Friday Flashback #138

Digital Duckroom by Luca Prasso from 1991

From a thread on (excuse the Google translation from Italian):

Duckroom Digital and ‘had an idea in aerero to Montrealprima Siggraph 1990, then made ​​in the offices of Softimage in Montreal in 9 days with the ‘equally legendary Olivier Ozoux. served to show the new features of Inverse Kinematics and Dynamics freshly baked from the R & D for the Soft version 1.63 or 1.65

Luca Prasso worked for Softimage Italy as a demo artist from 1990 to 1994, and then went on to work for PDI/Dreamworks for 17 years as a Character TD.

Bio from 2006:

I discovered that I was able to merge drawing and computer skills back in 1982, when the first personal computers appeared in Italy.
At the end of 1986 I joined Compgraf, a small studio in Verona, when I learned the fundamentals of Computer Graphics.
In 1989 I moved to Milan, working for Techex, as a demo artist of CG hardware and software solution. In 1990 I joined Softimage Italy as demo artist for their 3D software package.
With them I travelled the world demonstrating the products and helping to create animations. In 1994 I realized that the Italian CG market was not moving at the same pace of the rest of the world and I decided to seek a job in the US.
In January 1995 I joined PDI as Character Technical Supervisor. I worked on commercials, special effects, feature films and TV series (The Simpsons, Marvin the Martian). I was a Technical Director in charge of Crowd scenes for Antz.
I worked as Character Technical Director Supervisor for Shrek, that won in 2001 the Oscar™ as Best Animated Feature Film.
I then worked on Shrek 2 (released in 2004), Madagascar and Shrek 3 currently in production at PDI/DreamWorks. I’m currently part of a group in charge of designing and developing the next generation of proprietary software dedicated to character setup.

Licensing and port 2080

Port 2080 is the default port used by the Autodesk licensing service daemon (adskflex).

In most cases, you don’t have to specify the port number when you set ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE:


Sometimes, depending on how the server is set up, you may need to add the port number:


Port 2080 is registered with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), and it’s unlikely you’ll ever have to use a different port.

But if you do, there’s two things you have to do. First, you need to change the port number on the VENDOR line of your license file:

VENDOR adskflex port=2081

Then, on all workstations and render nodes, you’ll have to include the port number in ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE: