Per object data in ICE

When you’re working with a point cloud, and you want to keep some data on a per-object basis, you need to use one of the Set nodes (like Get Set Or or Get Maximum in Set). Or sometimes you can use arrays, as shown below.

Here we get an array of the points that are in State 1, and then save the size of the array (eg the number of points in State 1) as a per-object value.

The Show Values in the viewport:

Finding point clouds

Point clouds are a type of X3DObject, so you can use FindChild and FindChildren to find point clouds.

BUT watch out, the SDK docs list the wrong type constant: siCloudPrimType.
That type was for the old, obsolete particle system.
For ICE point clouds, use the constant siPointCloudPrimType (“PointCloud”).

from win32com.client import constants as c

PointClouds = Application.ActiveSceneRoot.FindChildren2("*", c.siPointCloudPrimType ) 
for pointCloud in PointClouds :
    Application.LogMessage(pointCloud.FullName )

Friday Flashback #11

Softimage and Maya releases are now synchronized (same release data, same “version” number), but it wasn’t always that way. Here’s a timeline comparison of the XSI and Maya releases between 1998 and 2003.

And at Siggraph 1998, back near the start of this timeline, here’s what was happening:

  • Alias announced price reductions of 25 percent to 40 percent, which was welcome news to many studios interested in adding Maya to their tool set.
  • Softimage showed the 2.0 version of Digital Studio (now shipping). 1.0 had been released in Nov ’97.
  • Softimage continued to tantalize customers with extended previews of Sumatra.

Softimage 2012 delivery options

UPDATE: Softimage 2012 is not released yet, but it is coming, so I thought I’d start posting some information about the release.

For most customers on Gold Support, download is the default delivery method for the 2012 upgrade.

If you want a box, head over to the Subscription Center and change the delivery preference from “download” to “box” in your Subscription Center profile settings.

There’s a number of Subscription Center tutorials posted on, including one on downloading your software.