Friday Flashback #527

A Volkswagen retrospective
NEW YORK – Creative collective Psyop ( in New York, recently completed work on a new Volkswagen spot out of Boston agency Arnold Advertising Worldwide. DNA, which was edited in :60 and :30 versions, is the first in a three-spot campaign and is based on the look of renowned artist Evan Hecox’s illustrations.The spot takes an uncluttered approach, with minimalistic landscapes and soft monochromatic red, slate, green and orange colors. Viewers get the sense that they are traveling weightlessly through a VW world as time lapses through the car company’s design history. The studio used Discreet Flame and Softimage|XSI tools to create the commercial, which began airing the end of January.

Justin Booth-Clibborn served as the executive producer for Psyop. Music for Picture in New York City provided the soundtrack.

1 March 2002 Post Magazine