Friday Flashback #173

The State of the Art
SOFTIMAGE|3D is the art, skill and rhythm of 3d animation –
system for animators who have consistently produced ground
breaking animation, signature effects and photo-realistic
imagery. It is the result of a decade of evolution – from
interface design that put control back into the hands of
artists, to the breakthrough character animation of
Godzilla. SOFTIMAGE|3D The State of the Art, Defined.


Emitting particles from instances

Suppose you want to emit particles from the instances in a point cloud. For example, suppose you have a point cloud of instances of a BigFish model, and you want to emit little fish from each BigFish instance.


One simple approach is to set up a point cloud on your master BigFish instance, and do the emitting there.


Then when you emit the point cloud of BigFish instances, use InstanceShape instead of Set Instance Geometry.


Friday Flashback #172

From a picture dated 12 May 2004, a variety of memorabilia, including:

  • SGI Iris Indigo, octane, and Indy
  • MegaFonts, 1001 Professional Fonts for SOFIMAGE|3D
  • SOFTIMAGE|3D 4.0 Fundamentals book
  • SOFTIMAGE|3D, SOFTIMAGE Creative Environment, and “Softimage for the Creative Mind” CDs
  • SOFTIMAGE|3D documentation set

Pictures 425

[Tip] Decluttering your XSI browser Add-on Paths

If you’ve got a lot of add-ons, you probably have a bit of clutter in the browser Paths menu. Like this:
You can get rid of all those add-ons by cleaning out the Addons/InstalledAddons folders in your User and Workgroup locations. Softimage checks those folders (at startup) to build the list of add-ons for the Paths menu.

Don’t worry; removing the .xsiaddon files from the InstalledAddons folder doesn’t uninstall the addons.

Friday Flashback #170

SOFTIMAGE Creative Environment User Guide
Apparently that creature on the cover is known as Creeps (note: link is to a youtube video that isn’t available in my country).
Posted on FB by Lucca Prasso

Note the names of the books in the background: “How to be a Genius”, “How to cook a Dinosaur”, and “The Complete DNA”.

Also, what’s up with a “User Guide” being labelled a “Comprehensive Reference Guide” ?