Screenshots of the week

Get Closest Location on self, in a cluster
by Vladimir

Softimage Tip: Selecting Components by Projection Selection
by Studio Gohde

emTools 1.93 – New Stuff and Liquid Particle Shaper

by milanvasek

And here’s a few unposted ones from the previous weeks:

Volume of a grid
by gustavoeb

Rendering Golaem crowds with Arnold and Softimage

Forester Walkthrough

How many Softimage licenses do you need for an Arnold render farm?

None, not for the render farm itself. You just need Arnold licenses for the render nodes. You need Softimage licenses for artist workstations; on the render nodes, you’ll be using xsibatch -processing -render to render (and -processing doesn’t take a Batch license for third-party renderers).

You wouldn’t need Maya Batch licenses for Arnold render nodes either. The Maya render/mayabatch command line tools won’t take a Batch license for third-party renderers either.