Tip: Getting links to specific help pages

The online help docs use framesets, which can make it tricky to get the right URL when you want to save or send a link to a certain page. Often you end up with a link to index.html, which is just the page that holds the HTML frameset.

Here’s a few different ways to get a link to a page:

In Firefox:

  • Click the Show in Contents icon (top-right) then right-click entry in TOC and click Copy Link Location .
  • Click the Up icon (top-right). This usually takes you to a page with a list of links to the topics in this section. Right-click the link and click Copy Link Location.
  • Click the Previous page icon (<), then right-click Next (>) and click Copy Link Location.
  • Right-click the page, click This Frame > Page Info, and copy the Address URL

The SDK docs don’t have the navigation buttons, so in general you have to get the link from This Frame > Page Info.

For something like an Object Model method or property, you can get the link from the object reference page (because it has a table of links to all methods and properties).