Softimage 2014 SP2 available

Autodesk Softimage 2014 Service Pack 2 is available for download.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

  • SOFT-9094 Caching a Crowd FX simulation is broken
  • SOFT-9089 Very slow access to the ICE attribute arrays

To take advantage of the fix for slow attribute access, you’ll probably need to recompile your plugins.

Also of interest is this known issue:

  • SOFT-9095 Crowd scenes does not render with textures when rendered on multiple computers with skip flag set to on

The workaround: don’t use the skip flag 🙂
Instead, you’ll need to specify frame ranges.

Finding materials used by a model

Here’s one way to get the materials used by model. Note that this will also get any materials applied to clusters.


def get_mdl_materials( m ):
	from win32com.client import constants as c
	return m.FindObjects( c.siMaterialID )

Application.GetPresetModel("Man_Character", "Man_Character", "", "Character.Character_Designer")
for m in get_mdl_materials( si.Dictionary.GetObject( 'Man_Character' ) ):
	print m

And here’s an old-school way that uses a couple of string expressions:

mdl = si.Dictionary.GetObject( 'Man_Character' )

import win32com.client
mats = win32com.client.Dispatch( "XSI.Collection" )
mats.Items = '{0}.{1},{0}.{2}'.format(mdl.Name, "*.cls.*.material", "*.material")

for m in mats:
	print (m)