ICE: Getting the edge index of the longest edge

For each polygon, I want to get the EdgeIndex of the longest edge (ultimately, I want to get the midpoint of the longest edge for each polygon).

Being literal-minded, I started by getting the length of the longest edge for each polygon:
Here’s a Show Values to show it works:

From there, I hacked my way to the edge index:
The Show Values:

For my second try at getting the index of the longest edge, I stopped trying to go from the length back to the index. I think this is a little better approach:


Loading order of workgroup plugins and addons

I recently had reason to investigate the order in which things are loaded from workgroups, and here’s what I found:

  • Workgroup plugins are loaded first.
    Softimage goes through all the workgroups, in the order they are listed in the Plug-in Manager, and loads all plugins that are not in an add-on.

  • Workgroup addons are loaded second.
    Again, Softimage goes through all the workgroups in list order, loading add-on plugins.

What was my motive for looking into this? A plugin that was trying to get the OriginPath of a plugin in the SItoA addon. That was never going to work, because the plugin was loaded before the SItoA addon.

I tested this on Windows 7, not Linux.