Changing the default Project folders

The default directory structure for new Projects is specified by a set of values in the registry.

Look under the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Softimage\SOFTIMAGE Application\C:|Softimage|Softimage_7.5|Application|bin\Default Directory Structure.

You can add new directories by adding a new string value to the Default Directory Structure registry key.

A plug-in that updates the default directory structure was posted to the XSI Mailing list .

Also posted in the Autodesk KB.

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Virtual servers and the Autodesk network license manager

The Autodesk Network License Manager is not tested on virtual servers, and so virtual servers are not officially supported.

However, I know some customers are running their license servers on virtual servers. I believe that they hard code the MAC address of the virtual NIC to match the MAC address in the license file. That way the existing license file will work on the virtual server.

hat tip: TravisNave

Shaders loaded by XSI

In general, mental ray, from inside XSI, only loads shaders from $XSI_BINDIR and $XSI_CPU_OPT.
Both these environment variables are set in setenv.bat (.xsi_7.X on Linux), unless the ray3rc location has been overridden by MI_ROOT.

So if you find that XSI is looking for shaders in the wrong place (eg you are getting black tiles/images rendered), then check that MI_ROOT is not set system-wide to an old location.

h/t: Halfdan