Screenshots of the week

LKLightning 2.0 Tutorial 01 – Swirling7

Display debug per-object attribute on distant point cloud
by Fabricio Chamon

Moving cached geometry
by Alok Gandhi

by NNois

Turbulize Null position
by Helli

Splitting edges
by iamVFX, julian johnson

Finding he indices of negative values in an array
by iamVFX

New Tool: ICE Tree Trace from Bradley Gabe

ICE Tree Trace is a new tool from Bradley Gabe. Download it here.

It’s a plugin, so you want to save it in the Application\Plugins folder of either your Softimage User location, or of a workgroup.

Or drag this addon to a viewport.

After you install the plugin, you’ll have a new menu in the ICE Tree view:

Tool for tracing instances of strings inside ICE Trees. Can be used, for example, to track down the number of times a specific attribute is called. Via filters, may also be used to determine how an attribute is called, whether by Get Data, Set Data, or other ICE nodes that handle string parameters.

Here’s an example. I used Tree Trace to find all references to the Texture_Projection attribute in a CrowdFX scene:

Specify search options, enter a Match String, then press the trace button. If matches are found, the address of the ICE Nodes are listed in the Match List at the bottom of the GUI. If items are selected in the Match List, their corresponding nodes are selected in the scene

NOTE: At present, there is no access in the SDK to directly select nodes inside an ICE Tree node graph interface. ICE nodes are selected in the scene, and may be accessed via the explorer.

GUI Parameters:
Search Scope:
• Selected ICE Nodes – Search only within currently selected nodes in ICE Tree
• Local ICE Tree – Search all nodes in the currently open ICE Tree
• ICE Trees on Sel Scene Items – Any ICE Tree on selected scene items
• Global Scene – All ICE Trees in the scene

ICE Node Filter:
• All ICE Nodes – No filter
• Get Data only – Search for string matches only in Get Data nodes
• Set Data only – Search for string matches only in Set Data nodes
• Other Nodes – Search for string matches in nodes that are not Get Data or Set Data (Shape Instance, String nodes, etc)

Match String: String to be searched for inside ICE Tree

Cap Sensitive: Consider capitalization in search string (Overridden by RegExpr matching)

Use Regular Expression Matching: Allows user to specify match strings using regular expression syntax