T2S_MentalRay addon

The T2S_MentalRay addon includes copies of Softimage DLLs, such as sibase.dll, and that causes problems in Softimage 2011. I’ve had two cases of shader/workgroup problems that were resolved by removing this addon.

Update: As noted in the comments, the problem is older versions of SPDL files that contain GUIDs used by the Softimage factory shaders. Addon shaders are loaded first, so these SPDLs override the factory defaults and cause problems.

Installing shaders with just the .mi and .dll files

Hirazi Blue beat me to it, but I did have this post in draft form for awhile. Really, I did.

Given a .mi file and a dll, Softimage 2011 can automatically load and register a shader. For example, in the screenshot you can see I have the JS_fisheye and ctrl_studio .mi files in a workgroup.

In your workgroup, create the following folders:

  • Application\mi
  • Application\bin\nt-x86-32
  • Application\bin\nt-x86-64

And then drop the .mi and .dll files into the corresponding folders.

I used the Plug-in Manager to create my workgroup, and on 32-bit it created a Application\bin\nt-x86 folder. But Softimage didn’t load the DLL from that folder. According to Process Monitor, Softimage looked everywhere but Application\bin\nt-x86:

  • Application\bin\nt-x86-32
  • bin\nt-x86-32
  • Plugins
  • mi\bin\nt-x86-32
  • mi\bin\nt-x86
  • bin\nt-x86

Note that I didn’t get the JS_fisheye shader to work in 64-bit Softimage 2011. Even though Softimage loaded the DLL, I still got the error “// ERROR : PHEN 0.4 error 051011: shader “JS_fisheye” not found”. Dependency Walker didn’t show any problems with JS_fisheye.dll.