Putting a customized setenv.bat in a deployment

You can’t actually customize setenv.bat (or any of the other files in the distribution) when you create a deployment, but you add a SiteDeploy.bat file to the install. setenv.bat is set up to call SiteDeploy.bat:

rem Verify the existence of the SiteDeploy.bat file
if exist "%XSI_BINDIR%\SiteDeploy.bat" call "%XSI_BINDIR%\SiteDeploy.bat"

To add a SiteDeploy.bat file to a deployment, you need to configure the Softimage deployment:

In the Additional Files section, expand Application\bin, and then click Browse to locate the SiteDeploy.bat file (which must exist somewhere already):

Offsetting ICE simulations

In this video, I take a look at how to offset ICE simulations, and I look into the role of the Simulation Environment.

  • Use the Limit by Time Range node to control when a simulation (emission) is active.
  • When you create a simulated ICE tree, it is added to the current simulation environment.
  • Models don’t include the simulation environment.
  • Merged scenes usually bring in their own simulation environment, which doesn’t always match the number of frames in the current scene.