Friday Flashback #260

What’s New from ten years ago on the home page

  • Spontaneous creates U2’s latest music video with SOFTIMAGE|FACE ROBOT
  • Greg Punchaz of Janimation tells you everything you need to know about transferring models and maps between SOFTIMAGE|XSI and ZBrush
  • New York’s Quite Man celebrates ten years at the top, with a little help from SOFTIMAGE|XSI


Friday Flashback #248

Deutsche XSI Character Design Video Tutorials from 2008
Slashboy character on the DVD cover

In 2008, the German Softimage reseller Mario Prang of published the first commercial XSI training series in German, entitled “XSI Character Design Basic”, a six dvd set covering “Boxmodelling, UV-Mapping, Rigging, Shape Animation and Toonshading”, created and narrated by Zlatan Jungbluth. Some of the modeling tutorials can still be found here: Sadly, Zlatan never got around uploading the whole series in the end.


After this Mario Prang released two more training dvds, “Dynamics 1”, covering Rigid and Soft Bodies Basics and “Dynamics 2”, covering the basics of the newly unveiled ICE.

hat tip: Hirazi Blue

Friday Flashback #247

Seat of power.

  • Work with ten times the details
  • Easy migration from Maya
  • File quality normal maps
  • mental ray v.3.4




“The Prince of Persia–The Two Thrones’ cinematics came
to life with SOFTIMAGE|XSI allowing us to fine-tune
these characters and environments using one single tool,
from modeling to texturing all the way through animation
and rendering”

–Ubisoft Cinematic Team 2005

An advert from the November 2005 issue of Game Developer Magazine. I didn’t find it last week because I just did a text search for “Softimage”.

Friday Flashback #223

i am 4.
customization • speed • options • power • thought • imagination • integration
SOFTIMAGE|XSI version 4.0 launch 04.19.2004


We used both SOFTIMAGE|XSI and Avid|DS extensively in the making of the Britney Spears Toxic video. The intelligent, fast and intuitive interface in XSI, coupled with the overall speed of the software, meant that we could get the job done faster and in a style that our competitors couldn’t match.” – Amy Yukich, Executive Producer, KromA

make manage move | media

Friday Flashback #219

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 7th 2003

Continued Fast Pace of Customer-Driven New Versions Underscores Company’s Unmatched Commitment to Innovation and the Professional 3-D Market

At NAB 2003, Softimage Co., a subsidiary of Avid Technology, Inc., today announced version 3.5 of its SOFTIMAGE®|XSI® software, the industry’s leading nonlinear 3-D production environment.

In addition to including hundreds of new tools and refinements to increase creativity, productivity and reliability in any production, the SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.3.5 environment also seamlessly and completely integrates mental ray v3.2, the new version of the award-winning rendering technology from mental images GmbH & Co. KG.

The latest version of the XSI environment, which follows less than six months after the release of version 3.0, is driven by the production requirements of industry leading customers, including Capcom, Electronic Arts, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Konami, Mainframe, Pixel Liberation Front (PLF), Sega, The Mill and Valve, and continues the company’s unmatched pace of development. The SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.3.5 environment further extends Softimage’s position as the professional 3-D market leader in innovation, customer responsiveness and return on investment.