Saving scenes outside of projects

You want to save a scene (a .scn file) to a folder that is not part of project. For example, you may want to save a copy of scene to a temporary working folder where a batch processing job can pick up the scene, and you don’t want to have to create a Softimage project.
Softimage scenes must be saved to a valid project location.

A valid project location is any folder that contains a system folder, with a dsprojectinfo file in that folder.

To create a minimal project location, you can simply copy the system folder from an existing project. You can then save the scene in that location (you don’t even have to create a Scenes subfolder).

Cannot add a project in the Project Manager

When you try to add a project with the Project Manager, you get this error message:

Autodesk® Softimage®
The project cannot be added.
The project is invalid or the same project already exists in the project list.

Check that the project has a system folder.

Every project has a system folder. The system folder is a hidden folder, so you may not see it in Windows Explorer unless you change your Explorer view options to show hidden folders.

If a project is missing the system folder, you can copy the system folder from another project, and that will work.

Check the permissions on the system folder.

Make sure the user has Full Control, and that all files and folders in the “system” folder inherit those permissions.

If a user does not have access permissions for the system folder, you will get the “invalid project” errors.

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Searching the XSI Mailing List Archive on Google groups

A month or so ago the Google groups search really went downhill. All of a sudden my search results starting coming back empty or near empty. And I’m not the only one to notice.

For example, searching the XSI Mailing List Archive for dual monitor finds 2 results, and I know there are others.

Searching Google Groups for dual monitor xsi_list gives better results.