Recent Webex cases…

Last week I used Webex to resolve a number of licensing/startup cases. I find Webex a handly tool, because I don’t have to get my information second hand 😉 I can see it with my own eyes.

License Manager won’t start
This was on Windows 7. The folder C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager folder was read-only, so LMTOOLS could not write the log file. Unfortunately, the license server won’t start if the log is not writeable. The strange thing was that the customer had been able to save the .lic file in the folder, and LMTOOLS had written to the log file before. But now the folder was read-only, so somehow the permissions changed.

Ping general failure
Everything seemed set up properly, until I tried to ping the local machine and got “General Failure”. Not good. We could ping the outside world, but not the local machine. I tried resetting winsock and the TCP/IP stack, booting in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, to no avail.

Unable To Locate Component
At startup, XSI.exe reported “This application has failed to start because adlmint.dll was not found”. Sure enough, adlmint.dll was missing from Application\bin. This was a bit surprising, because all required files should be installed no matter what licensing method you choose during Setup. So I had to reinstall Softimage for the customer.

The preset(s) could not be applied to this selection

After reinstalling his OS and Softimage, a user could no longer apply textures with Texture > Image. He kept getting “The preset(s) could not be applied to this selection”.

The solution: rename the User folder, which forces Softimage to use the factory-default preferences.

See the Softimage KB for more info:

  • TS14104789 Resetting user preferences and customizations