Combining multiple Softimage 2011 serial numbers

If you had a combination of Softimage 2010 and Softimage Advanced 2010 licenses, you will be getting two separate serial numbers for Softimage 2011.

You’ll get one Softimage 2011 serial number for your Softimage 2010 license, and another Softimage 2011 serial number for your Softimage Advanced 2010 license.

Unfortunately, you cannot combine the two Softimage 2011 licenses into a single license (.lic) file.
Softimage and Softimage Advanced were separate products, that is why it was possible to combine the two licenses.

What to do? Contact your reseller or the Business Center and ask them to combine your two serial numbers into one master serial number for all your Softimage 2011 seats.

All Softimage 2011 network licenses include five Batch

As of the 2011 release, there is no longer separate “Softimage” and “Softimage Advanced” products. There is just one “Softimage” product:

  • A network license of Softimage 2011 includes five Batch licenses.
  • A standalone licenses of Softimage 2011 does not include any Batch licenses.

So, for example, if you had a network license of Softimage 2010 under Subscription, then your Softimage 2011 network license now includes five Batch licenses.