All Softimage 2011 network licenses include five Batch

As of the 2011 release, there is no longer separate “Softimage” and “Softimage Advanced” products. There is just one “Softimage” product:

  • A network license of Softimage 2011 includes five Batch licenses.
  • A standalone licenses of Softimage 2011 does not include any Batch licenses.

So, for example, if you had a network license of Softimage 2010 under Subscription, then your Softimage 2011 network license now includes five Batch licenses.

Craft Animation Studio bundled with Softimage 2011

Craft Director Studio from Craft Animations is bundled with Softimage 2011 as a plug-in. You can install the plug-in from the Install Tools and Utilities section of the Softimage 2011 setup.

Craft Director Studio uses high-end artificial intelligence and autonomous control systems to streamline traditional animation processes, allowing you to spend more time on creating rather than on more tedious tasks.

Craft Director Studio includes:

• Craft Camera Tools: real-time camera control for immediate, professional-quality cinematic results.

• Craft Vehicle Tools: create the most realistic and accurate simulations for in-motion vehicles.

• Craft Accessory Tools: add the finishing touches to action-packed productions by simulating and animating props such as missiles, trailers, cog wheels, and other moving parts.

• Craft Freeware Tools: a free-to-use extended toolbox for Craft Director Studio allowing real-time recording, interaction, and depth orientation.

See beneath the fold for more details on which Craft tools are included.
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