Softimage 2011 always falls back to for network licensing

I’d forgotten about this until the other day when I tried to break my licensing for testing purposes.

I spent 20 minutes trying to get Softimage 2011 to not start! No matter what I did it kept starting up, and to make matters worse, my ProductInformation.pit file has some minor corruption that crashes Softimage when I try to use Help > About Softimage > Product License Information. So I couldn’t check where Softimage was getting its license.

I eventually resorted to using Process Monitor to watch the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FLEXlm License Manager\ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE registry value, and I saw that xsi.exe was sticking into the registry every time I started Softimage. So all I had to do was stop my local license server.

The Valve Source addon and 64-bit Softimage

You can use the Valve Source ModTool addon with the commerical version of Softimage, but if you are using 64-bit Softimage, none of the compiled Valve Source plugins will be available (because they’re all 32-bit).

So, that means no SMD, Weight, or VMF import and export in 64-bit Softimage. You can use install 32-bit Softimage if you need access to these tools; 32-bit Softimage will run with the same license as 64-bit Softimage.