Shortcuts and default properties for custom parameters

Custom properties and the PPG object provide shortcuts for direct access to parameters.

For custom properties, that means you can type the shortcut oProp.SomeParam instead of oProp.Parameters(“SomeParam”). Note that that in this case, the default property is Name: if you print oProp.SomeParam, you get the name of the parameter.

from win32com.client import constants as C
si = Application

p = si.ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root.AddCustomProperty( "Test" )
x = p.AddParameter2("X",C.siString,"a;b;c;d",None,None,None,None,C.siClassifUnknown,C.siPersistable)

print p.X
print p.X.IsEqualTo( p.Parameters("X") )
print x.IsEqualTo( p.X )

# Test.X
# True
# True

For the PPG object, the shortcut is even more of a convenience. To access a parameter named “Param”, you can type PPG.Param instead of PPG.Inspected(0).Param. And when you use the PPG.Param shortcut, the default property is Value.

So you can do this:

PPG.Param = 'hello;world'

There’s no need to type “PPG.Param.Value”, unless you’re doing something like this:

list = PPG.Param.Value.split(';')