PhysX and CUDA-enabled GPU

Softimage 2011 includes PhysX 2.83 and supports CUDA acceleration for PhysX rigid body dynamics (this includes ICE rigid bodies). So what do you need to do to take advantage of CUDA ?

You need an NVidia card that supports CUDA, and you need to enable PhysX hardware acceleration in the NVidia control panel.

If all requirements are met, an INFO message “PhysX Hardware is Enabled” is logged in the script editor the first time you use ICE RBD.

Possible memory leak with ATI display driver

On the Area forums, a customer reported that Softimage memory usage would keep increasing until the software either froze or crashed. All he had to do was keep moving points. This happened both on Windows 7 and Vista.

Eventually he resolved the problem by rolling back to an older version (June 09) of the display driver for his [uncertified] ATi Radeon HD 4870 card.

Ref: XSI crashing / freezing within Windows 7 x64