I got an iPad for work..what am I going to do with it?

Product Support (PS) Montreal got their iPad last week; every support team is getting one. For the moment we don’t really need it for anything. Sure, there are some consumer apps like Sketchbook Pro, but we (the Maya/Max/Soft team) don’t support those apps. Maybe there’ll eventually be some kind of mobile apps for M&E customers. So for now I loaded it up with some AD apps like 123 Sculpt, Tinkerbox, and SketchBook that we can play with.

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Carl Bass talks to Architosh about Apple in the CAD/3D industries

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We have had more than six million downloads of SketchBook mobile. We’ve had almost two million downloads of AutodCAD WS in a fraction of the time SketchBook has been available. Even things like TinkerBox…we’ve had over a million downloads of that. So I think when you look at the numbers they speak for themselves. It shows you just how popular and compelling those devices are.


Back from vacation

Well, I’m back in the game after a relaxing week off. Biked, relaxed, hung out on the back porch with a cold beer …

Riding a bike in Montreal is a lot more fun than driving a car these days.
A collage of photos from one of my rides out in the west end of the Montreal island:

Driving in Montreal (aka coney island)

On vacation

On vacation this week. Not going anywhere, just hanging out in Montreal.
I pre-scheduled my blog posts for the week, so as long as the weather is good I’ll try to stay away from the computer 😉