Wednesday word cloud: SHOOT Summer Top 10

From SHOOTonline, the software used on the SHOOT summer Top 10 leading VFX and Animation spots.

SummerTop10Visual EffectsAnimationChart

The top 10:

  1. PETA’s “98% Human” (Mill+, New York)
  2. Honda UK’s “Hands” (Nexus Productions)
  3. DirecTV’s “Troll” (Method Studios)
  4. Square Enix’s “Murdered: Soul Suspect” game trailer (Digital Domain)
  5. Chumash Casino Resort’s “You Too Are Chumash” (Blacklist)
  6. McLaren FI’s Tooned 50 (episode one) (Framestore, London)
  7. Oreo’s “Bedtime” (Pysop, bicoastal)
  8. Xbox/Ryse: Son of Rome’s “Explosion” game trailer (NTropic)
  9. Jarritos’ “Glass Blowers” (CHRLX)
  10. APES’ “APES: A Project of the Conservation Trust (MassMarket)

Wednesday Word Cloud: Advanced Support

Word cloud for the Customer Guide to Autodesk Advanced Support.


On this subject, now that the AREA forums have been updated, I suspect Maya/3dsMax/Softimage customers are one step closer to forum support. From the Advanced Customer Guide:

Proactively Escalate Forum Posts to Autodesk
Autodesk Advanced Support provides you with all the benefits of Basic Support, including expedited community forum support: if the community does not respond to your posts within 24 hours, they are automatically escalated to Autodesk.

Wednesday word cloud: DSScripts functions

There are 770 functions in the VBS files in $XSI_HOME\Application\DSScripts. Here’s a word cloud of the function names. To create the word cloud, I took the camel-case names like SetCameraSequencerLayoutProc and split them into Set, Camera, Sequencer, Layout, and Proc.

Proc indicates a function that is the implementation of a command. So the command SetCameraSequencerLayout would ultimately end up running SetCameraSequencerLayoutProc. So you see a lot of commands are actually implemented in VBS 🙂