Context matters: Add Point is always per-object

Unlike Clone Point, the output context of Add Point is always per-object, no matter what you plug into its input ports. So, for example, you cannot plug Add Point into an Execute on Emit port (which is a per-point port). Making Add Point per-object makes sense to me, because typically you want to add N points to a point cloud, not add N points for every point that is already in the target point cloud (that already sounds confusing).

One consequence of Add Point being per object is that you cannot use an If node to copy over some subset of points to the target point cloud. For example, if your If node is already plugged into something that makes it per-point then you’ll get a context error:

If your If node wasn’t plugged in yet, you’d get some red nodes like this:

The solution is to use a Filter on the other side [upstream] of the Add Point:

hat tips to Gray and Julian

The case that wouldn’t clone points

Select Case doesn’t want to clone points. Suppose you have a set up like this:

If you plug Clone Point nodes into two consecutive Case ports, the first Clone Point only is executed.

If you plug something else into a Case port, between two Clone Points, then both Clone Points work:

But unfortunately I couldn’t trick ICE by multiplying the shapeID by 2. When I did that, ICE went back to evaluating the first Clone Point only.