Evenly distributing points on a sphere with the golden section spiral

This post is based on the recent xsibase thread Golden Section Spiral in ICE, which in turn is based on Patrick Boucher’s 2006 article Points on a sphere.

So…here’s an ICE version of the Golden section spiral algorithm for evenly distributing points on a sphere. It’s a typical example of basic “thinking in ICE”: when you see a for loop in the alogrithm/pseudocode, you should see “in ICE” an array (or data set) flowing through a graph.

Here’s my GoldenSectionSpiral compound (although if you’ve never converted a scripted alogithm to ICE, you should do it yourself just for the exercise 😉 I thought the spiral effect was interesting, so I put in an option to not convert radians to degrees (which is necessary to get the real evenly distributed points).