Copying and pasting fcurve keys in a script

To copy and paste keys in a script, you have to also call SelectKeysInTimespan() to select the keys you want to copy.

If you copy and paste keys in the fcurve editor, SelectKeysInTimespan() is not logged, so it’s easy to get fooled into thinking you don’t need it (SelectKeysInTimespan is logged by the Dopesheet, however). hat tip luceric

SelectKeysInTimespan("null.kine.local.posx", siSetKeySelection, 65, 93, siInputParameters);
CopyKeys("null.kine.local.posx", 65, 93, null, true, siInputParameters);
PasteKeys("null1.kine.local.posx", 55, 83, false, null, siInputParameters, null, null, false, false);

Here’s some OM code that does about the same thing:

var x = Dictionary.GetObject("Model.null.kine.local");
var fcv = x.roty.Source;

var y = Dictionary.GetObject("null.kine.local");
var fcv1 = y.roty.AddFcurve();
// Keep keys from 20-50
// Move to 0-30
fcv1.OffsetKeys(fcv1.Keys, -20);