Extruding random polygons with random lengths and random insets

Last month, Guillaume Laforge posted a Random Extrusion compound that can extrude polygons with random lengths and insets.

Guillaume noted that this compound was for Softimage 2013 only, but it appears that [with a tweak] you can get it to work in 2012 SAP.

When you import the compound into 2012, you’ll see a warning in the status bar/script history:

// WARNING : 3000-EDIT-AddICECompoundNode - Could not find node : BuildArrayFromSetNode

All you have to do is put back the missing Build Array from Set node, then the compound appears to work in 2012 SAP.

ICE Modeling – extruding polygons with random lengths

I didn’t look yet at the Random Extrusion compound Guillaume posted yesterday, because I wanted to work through the basics on my own (but do go get his compound, it’s sure to be pretty useful). Here’s a simple ICE tree that uses a different random length for each extruded polygon:


You can’t get different extrusion lengths for different polygons without using the Repeat node. That’s because the length, inset, and transform are basically per-object, even though you can plug seemingly per-poly values into those ports.

ICE Modeling example – extruding and extruding a grid

Here’s a simple example that extrudes the polygons in a grid, and then applies a second extrude op to the extruded polygons.
I modified the Disconnect compound to output the Topo, just to make it easter to connect things. Really, I should probably daisy-chain everything in this example.

Chris_TC did something more sophisticated here.