Face Robot workflow tips for combining heads with bodies

Courtesy of Mr Jeff Wilson, some tips on attaching Face Robot heads to characters:

“There are a few ways to go about it, depending on the pipeline that you are in.

If you just want to get the end result from Face Robot onto your character and are rendering frames, then the simplest way is to cache the face meshes from FR and bring those caches into your scene file containing the skeleton. This is the most accurate method for getting the animation across. FR ships with Point Oven, but we always used the KP_PointCache plugins from Kai Wolter in production. Kai’s tools write to the PC2 format which both Max and Maya understand. And they are free.

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LMTOOLS ignores license path environment variables

Actually, no, it doesn’t. Not by default.

You should select the LMTOOLS ignores license path environment variables check box (it’s on the Service/License File tab of LMTOOLS). This prevents LMTOOLS from reading license server information from the ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE key in the registry.

Letting LMTOOLS read license info from the environment can cause a number of problems:

  • LMTOOLS may spend time trying to connect to license servers that no longer exist.
  • Perform Status Enquiry may show errors that refer to some obsolete software you haven’t used in years (but which used some version of FlexLM).
  • Stop Server may stop more than your local license server. It may also stop any server listed in the registry (like, say, the central license server for the whole company).