Yahoo pipe for the Softimage dicussion forums on The Area

I find it very hard to keep track of new posts on The Area. The View New Post and View Todays Active Topic pages just don’t do it for me.

So I created a Yahoo pipe to combine the RSS feeds for all the Softimage forums. You can find the pipe here:

The RSS feed for the pipe here:

Note that the forum RSS feeds always show the first post of the discussion, so the RSS feeds tell you only which discussions have been updated recently. You have to click through to see the most recent post.

Visualizing with ICE: drawing vectors and lines

To visualize vectors, I added some points to an empty point cloud, and in Show Values, I set Display As to Vector + Length:

Another way to visualize the vectors you are working with is to use an ICE array with Display As=Line. This ICE tree draws a line from the global origin to the camera interest, from the camera interest to the camera, and finally from the camera back to the global origin.