Installing Softimage on the same Vista/Windows 7 computer as the license server

As many Softimage customers now know, when you install both Softimage and the license server on the same Vista or Windows 7 computer, you cannot use the computer name to specify the location of the license server.

In previous posts, I said that in this case, you had to either use the IP address, or install the IPv6 update.

But it turns our there is a simpler way: use the IP address 127.0.01. There’s no need to install the IPv6 update.

To update your setenv.bat to use

  1. Start the User Tool (click Start > All Programs > Autodesk > Autodesk Softimage 2010_SP1 x64 > UserTools).

  2. In the list of Configuration Files, click Setenv.bat (Environment Script).

  3. Click Edit File.

  4. Scroll down and edit the line that sets _ADSK_LicServers:

    rem License servers specified from the setup. Format: [port1]@host1[;[port2]@host2]...
    set _ADSK_LicServers=@
  5. Click Save and Close.