Who gets the Subscription Advantage Pack?

As you can probably tell from the name “Subscription Advantage Pack”, any Softimage customer on Subscription gets the Subscription Advantage Pack (SAP).

If your Subscription expires within a month of the SAP release, you’ll still be able to download the SAP.

If you purchase Softimage with no Subcription after the SAP, you don’t get the SAP, you get 2011SP1.

The case of the missing Lagoa

Why aren’t Lagoa and Matchmover mentioned on the Softimage SAP page? Is this omission ominous?

If you ask me, most likely that copy was written when the legal stuff was still being ironed out. I don’t think the omission means anything. You’ll notice that Lagoa is still mentioned on the AREA and on the Autodesk youtube channel (where you can see all the 2011 SAP feature videos).

But Lagoa and Matchmover are still in at the time of this posting. Since it hasn’t been released, there’s always some possibility something could happen, but right now, all I know is that they are still in.

btw, the friendly URL for the Softimage SAP page is autodesk.com/advantagepack-softimage. These advantage pack pages are for us at Autodesk to send out to customers when we tell them the SAP is available.