Screenshots of the week

At one point, I thought about starting a tumblr page for ex-si support, mostly for posting screenshots of the ICE trees and render trees I see go by on the forums. I like tumblr, it’s nice and simple, but this blog takes enough of my time, so I decided not to fragment my efforts.

So, here’s some screenshots of the interesting ICE/render trees that I saw this week.

Fractal in ICE
By joquer on xsibase

Repeating cyclical emission
By Andy Moorer on XSI mailing list

Matching curve PointPositions to mesh PolygonPositions
By Florian Eberle on the XSI mailing list

ICE example kinematics path or curve U constraint
By Alan Fregtman on the XSI mailing list

Different shading on intances
By joquer on xsibase