Friday Flashback #36

Last week’s flashback post and its historically-inaccurate screenshot spawned an XSI list discussion that included this mention of Softimage Eddie. Softimage® Eddie was an award-winning video compositing, editing and processing tool that ran exclusively on Silicon Graphics® Indigo workstations. Required 64MB RAM for video, 128MB for film. Approximate retail price was $7,995 (U.S.).

So I thought I’d pull together some Eddie screenshots, but it wasn’t easy to find any. All I turned up was the logo, some Eddie icons, and some install screenshots.

Eventually I found something on the Fuel for the Mind CD (thanks to Miquel Campos 🙂 that showed the node-based UI, but the image quality is pretty poor.

Softimage Eddie – a professional post-production studio at your fingertips:

And here’s the Eddie brochure: