Checking the Softimage 2013 startup with Process Monitor

The other day, I ran Process Monitor to check out the Softimage 2013 startup.

After a restart of my machine:

  • Softimage 2012.SAP took about 44 seconds to start up.
  • Softimage 2013 took about 42 seconds to start up.

The process activity for 2012.SAP and 2013 look pretty much the same, except that 2013 does all its file and registry activity sooner, rather than later. I don’t know if that’s signficant (my 2012.SAP is an existing install that’s been there for awhile, while I just installed 2013 the other day).

One interesting thing I noticed is the Read Bytes info in the File Summary for Softimage 2013.
Notice how ICE compounds are at the top of the list. Softimage 2013 loads about 53MB of .xsicompound files.

Here’s a look at how the size (in MB) of the factory ICE compounds has grown by release:

2013 55MB
2012.SAP 49MB
2011 SAP SP1 33MB
2010 SP1 13.3 MB
7.5 13.1 MB
7.01 14.5MB