Softimage 2012 delivery options

UPDATE: Softimage 2012 is not released yet, but it is coming, so I thought I’d start posting some information about the release.

For most customers on Gold Support, download is the default delivery method for the 2012 upgrade.

If you want a box, head over to the Subscription Center and change the delivery preference from “download” to “box” in your Subscription Center profile settings.

There’s a number of Subscription Center tutorials posted on, including one on downloading your software.

Home Use licenses

Home Use is a Subscription benefit that allows you to install a second copy of Softimage. For example, you could install Softimage at home, either for work or for personal education and training. A Home Use license is a standalone license.

To get a Home Use license, you can fill out a request form on the Subscription Center. Login, click Contract Administration, and then click Request Home Use.

Note To request a Home Use license, you must be the Contract Administrator for your account. If you are not the Contract Administrator, you won’t see the Request Home Use form.

If you have problems with the request form, log a Business Service Request and tell them you want to apply for a Home Use license of Softimage.

  1. Go to the Support Request page
  2. Click Subscription Help, and then click New.

Subscription Center problems?

If you don’t see your Softimage 2010 download, or you have other problems with the Subscription Center, log a Business Service Request.

Go to the Support Request page, click Subscription Help, and then click New.

Questions about downloading the product files? See the Product Software Download FAQ

Questions about logging in to subscription center? See the Sign In FAQ