Unable to create object[CLSID\{A8BF89CA-1025-11D2-006094EB029C}] : %SUMATRAPATH%\moaudio.dll, Cleanup will be performed

After all these years, this one still pops up from time to time: most recently from an XSI 7.0 user who emailed the old Softimage Licensing inbox.

The solution: run runonce.bat. And, just don’t use registry cleaners unless you like having to run runonce.bat to fix up Softimage or XSI.

Troubleshooting 101: runonce.bat

Basic troubleshooting for when you cannot start Softimage, or you get strange errors at startup, or you cannot perform basic tasks such as creating primitives or duplicating objects. Or for fixing Softimage after you run a registry cleaner.

Run runonce.bat to re-register the Softimage DLLs and SPDL files (SPDL files describe the parameters of objects and operators in Softimage).

runonce.bat does a lot of what happens during installation and it is a lot faster than removing and then reinstalling Softimage.

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