Troubleshooting 101: Startup Crashes

Here’s the basic recipe for troubleshooting a startup crash:

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Troubleshooting 101: runonce.bat

Basic troubleshooting for when you cannot start Softimage, or you get strange errors at startup, or you cannot perform basic tasks such as creating primitives or duplicating objects. Or for fixing Softimage after you run a registry cleaner.

Run runonce.bat to re-register the Softimage DLLs and SPDL files (SPDL files describe the parameters of objects and operators in Softimage).

runonce.bat does a lot of what happens during installation and it is a lot faster than removing and then reinstalling Softimage.

runonce.bat mentions on xsibase, si-community, the AREA, and the XSI list

Crash recovery in Softimage

Successfully saved scene before system failure
When Softimage crashes, it tries to save a crash recovery file. When you start up Softimage again, it asks you if you want to recover (“Improper exit detected. Do you want to recover?”)

If the crash recovery file isn’t usable, Softimage will try to load an AutoSave file, if there are any available (see this softimage-blog article on AutoSave).

Crash recovery files (and auto save files) are located in the [hidden] system\USER folder of the active project. For example:



  • Support_Project is the PROJECT name.
  • C:\Users\blairs\Documents\Support_Project is the project location.
  • blairs is the USER name.

Crash recover creates:

  • A system\blairs\CrashSave file
  • A system\blairs\CrashBackup folder with AutoSave files (AutoSave files are scene files without the .scn)

NOTE There’s a Scene Debugging preference for turning Crash Recovery on or off.