Saving the size and position of the render tree

If you use a custom layout, you can save the size and position of floating views such as the Render Tree.
In the online User’s Guide, look up windows:setting default size and position.

You could also use a toolbar button to run a script that opens the render tree with the desired size and position. For example:

var layout = Application.Desktop.ActiveLayout;
var v = layout.CreateView( "Render Tree", "Render Tree" );
v.Move( 10, 10 );
v.Resize( 1000,1000 );

Crosswalk not available in Maya

You installed the latest Crosswalk, but you don’t see it anywhere in Maya when you try to export.

Usually, this is all you have to do to make Crosswalk available in Maya:

  1. In Maya, click Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager.
  2. Find the dotXSISceneConverter plug-in and select the Loaded and Auto load check boxes.
  3. Now when you export, you will see the Autodesk Crosswalk Exporter (.xsi) option in the Files of Type list.