Getting Python to show up in Softimage


  • Softimage does not support Python 3, so install Python 2.6.x or earlier.
  • We recommend using pywin32 212 (there’s a problem with 214 can cause a crash on exit).

Three easy steps:

  1. Install Python.
  2. Install the corresponding version of pywin32.
    For example, if you installed Python 2.5 on 32-bit Windows, then install pywin32-212.win32-py2.5.exe.
  3. Check that the Python path is included in your PATH system environment variable.
    If your PATH doesn’t include the Python install folder, then Python won’t show up in Softimage.

You can get the 64-bit versions (Linux and Windows) of Python for Softimage here.

The most recent install of pywin32 determines which version of Python is available in Softimage. If your version of pywin32 doesn’t match up to an installed version of Python, then Python won’t show up in Softimage.