Using dotXSI to clean up a material library

If you’re still having problems with disconnected shaders, even with HotFix2, you could try using dotXSI to remove any corrupt materials from your material library.

Here’s the basic procedure. You may want to create a temporary copy of your material library, and then use the explorer to copy all the materials into the temporary material library.

  1. Load the original asset (scene or model).
  2. In the explorer, switch to Materials scope, and click the icon for the material library.
  3. In the library PPG, change the storage to External (dotxsi text) and click Export Library.
  4. Save the scene.
  5. Close and restart Softimage.
  6. Open the scene.
  7. In the explorer, right-click the material library and click Locks > Unlock All Levels.
  8. In the material library PPG, change the storage back to Internal.
  9. Save or export the asset.