Exporting FBX to Maya

My understanding is that Crosswalk FBX exports the frame rate and time slider information from Softimage, but that the FBX import plugins don’t currently support that.

  • In Maya 2012, you’ll have to change the frame rate before you import the FBX file. You can set the Maya frame rate in Window > Settings/Preferences >Preferences >Settings >Working Units-Time.
    Note that the frame rate is reset when you restart Maya or start a new scene.
  • In the Maya Import dialog box, when you click a .FBX file, look at Options > File Type Specific Options > Statistics.
    You’ll see something like this (note that File frame rate is not correctly parsed by the importer):

    System frame rate: 24 ***Warning: Frame rates do not match***
    File frame rate: 30
  • Note also there is Fill timeline option under File Type Specific Options > Extra Options. This will update the Maya timeline range to match the range of animation in the FBX file.