Softimage 2012 Service Pack 1 available for download

Download it here.

The latest service pack for Autodesk® Softimage® 2012 software includes 70 fixes. See below the fold for a complete list of fixes

Softimage 2012 SP1 is a full build and can co‐exist with Softimage 2012.
Softimage 2012 is not required to be uninstalled first.
Softimage 2012 SP1 uses the same license as Softimage 2012. When installing Softimage 2012 SP1:
• Enter the product key 590D1 and your Softimage 2012 serial number, and then click Next.
• If you have a Network license, click Configure to switch to the Network licensing method.

The full list of fixes is as follows:
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Area :: Tutorial :: Mars Police: Hair and Render Breakdown

Recently posted on the AREA:

When Softimage ICE was released, it was clear that any dedicated user who were not afraid of words like ‘multiply vector by matrix’, have been able to develop a hair-styling system, without writing a single line of code. For Mars Police, I’ve created hair using my own free hair system called ‘Kristinka Hair’.

The system utilizes NURBS surfaces for main shapes, and exclusive procedural approach for details. Kristinka means something like “dear Christine” or “little Christine” in several Slavic languages.

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